He seems to have a connection with Joshua, Jason and Aza.


This guy is one corrupted bastard and I wouldn't want to fight him alone.

Physical AppearenceEdit

He looks like the slender man

Branch of SINEdit

Psionics-This is another type of the new SIN but with mental powers.


Brass Ring-This ring has some type of deadly power.


Clairvoyance-He can see things far off.

Accelerated Probability-He can see the probabilty ahead of it happening.


Mai Blitz-???

Blood Bath-Thier leader

Joshua Blitz-He was going to be his host before Aza saved him.

Jason Steel-???

Lucy Blitz-???

Aza Jinkaku-She was his test subject at one point and host.

Jason Steel-This is his last host.

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